TacieCake Flavors

  Apple Spice

       Apple spice cake with cinnamon frosting 

* Banana Split

       Banana cupcake with fluffy vanilla frosting, chocolate ganache and topped with pineapple and a marachino cherry

* Berry Berry

       Vanilla cupcake with berry swirl, berry swirl frosting


       Caramel cake with caramel swirl frosting

* Carrot Cake

       Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

* Cherry LimeAde

       Cherry cake and frosting with lime zest, topped with cherry

  Chocolate Mint

       Chocolate cake with crushed peppermints, peppermint frosting

* Chocolate Raspberry

       Chocolate cake with raspberries, raspberry frosting, chocolate drizzle

* Chocolate-covered Cherry

       Chocolate cake with maraschino cherries, cherry frosting, chocolate drizzle

* Coconut

       Coconut cake with coconut frosting, sprinkled with toasted coconut


       Orange flavored cake, orange cream frosting

  Edward's Favorite

       Chocolate cake, white frosting, sparkly sprinkles


       Coffee-flavored cake with cinnamon frosting, chocolate-covered espresso bean

  French Toast

       Maple cinnamon cake with maple buttercream frosting

* German Chocolate

       German chocolate cake topped with traditional coconut pecan frosting

* Hawaiian Tropic

       Pineapple cake with lemon/lime zest and coconut, coconut frosting

  Heads Up 7Up

       7Up cake with lemon lime frosting

* Lemon Drop

       Lemon cake and frosting with lemon zest, topped with lemon candy

* Mandarin Orange

       Orange flavored cake with bits of mandarin oranges, vanilla frosting with bits of oranges

* Maple

       Maple cake and frosting with real maple syrup

* Mounds

       Coconut cupcake with chocolate ganache

  Red Velvet

       Mild chocolate cake with traditional fluffy frosting or cream cheese

  RootBeer Float

       Rootbeer cake, vanilla frosting


       Spice cake with cinnamon frosting

  Strawberry Lemonade

       Strawberry cake and frosting with lemon zest

Gourmet Brownies

‚Äč  Salted Caramel Pretzel